Simon Says Snack #5


Description: Students mimic healthy snack foods (pop like popcorn, wiggle like string cheese); but if Simon doesn’t say it, watch out!
Objective: Students will recognize the importance of eating a variety of foods for snack.


  1. Have the students line up against the wall at one end of the room facing you.
  2. Quickly review why it is important to eat different kinds of healthy foods, a variety of foods, every day (because each one does something very different and very special for our bodies). Tell them milk helps our bones and spinach helps our muscles.
  3. Tell the students they are going to play "Simon Says" again, but this time the game will be about snack foods.
  4. Remind them you (as Simon) are the only person the students should listen to and you will command them to do certain movements. If you don‘t say "Simon says" before the command, the class should not do the action.
  5. Say the following (see below for more):
    • "Simon Says: Pop like popcorn."
      Encourage the students to hop up and down.
    • "Simon Says: Grow tall towards the sky like an apple tree."
      Encourage them to reach up.
    • "Wiggle like string cheese."
    • "Simon Says: Go nuts like nuts."
      Encourage them to dance around waving their arms.
    • "Be round like an orange."
    • "Flow like water."
    • "Simon says: Be stiff like carrot sticks."
      Encourage the students to stand stiffly with their arms at their sides.
    • "Simon Says: Wrinkle like a raisin."
      Encourage students to scrunch up and bend over.
  6. If time permits, review some of the healthy snack foods mentioned.

Background Information

Children should be encouraged to consume a variety of nutrient-rich foods low in fat and added sugar for snack. There are five food groupings:

  • vegetables
  • fruits
  • milk and milk products
  • grains
  • meats, beans, and nuts

Children should eat foods from all five groupings everyday.

More Simon Says Actions:

  • "Simon Says: Form a bunch like grapes."
    Encourage students to get into small groups and hold hands.
  • "Simon Says: Buzz like a honey bee."
    Encourage students to make buzzing sounds as they jog around the room.
  • "Simon Says: Twist in a knot like a pretzel.
    Encourage students to twist their legs and wrap their arms around their bodies.
  • "Simon Says: Bend like a banana."
    Encourage students to curve their spines as they bend over.

Related National Standards

NHES: 1.2.1, 7.2.1
NSPE: 1, 5
NS: NS.K-4.6

Further information about the National Standards can be found here